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Kate Stoltz is a model and TV personality, best known for her role in TLC’s hit show Breaking Amish.

Stoltz was born in the amish town of Mysertown, Pennsylvania.  She is the middle child and has 4 brothers and 2 sisters.  Kate attended school from the grades 1-8, during that time she was a competitive softball and volley ball player, often practicing with her brother after school hours.  Without the entertainment luxuries the modern or “english” society was equipped with, Kate found a love for reading as her past time, completing all of the books in her small school library – sometimes reading them more than once.  Aside from literacy, Kate always showed interest in design and clothing.  She started sewing at the age of 9, learning to sew quilt patches together for charity and by the age of 10 she completed her first dress.

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With a large family it was necessary that Kate lend a helping hand, she cooked, baked, cleaned and tended to the younger children.  Most of the fruits and vegetables used to prepare her full course meals were self grown.  At harvest time the family would preserve all produce by freezing them.  Her span of talents don’t end there, she also guided mules in the fields, raked hay, and even birthed calves!  Kate was never afraid to get dirty and always proved herself to be capable of doing any work the boys could.  Gardening was another favorite past time for the homemaker, she lived near all wildlife, including, foxes, deer, and skunks and enjoyed an expansive flower garden which she would spend hours tending to.

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In 2012, Kate left her community behind and set out to conquer the world, joining the cast of Breaking Amish.  Shortly after, she embarked on a path to fulfill her modeling dreams, signing with Major Model Management.  Kate now lives in New York City and has graced the pages of Maxim Magazine, traveled to different countries – experiencing different cultures, walked red carpets and modeled for numerous designers and brands.  She spends her free time exploring, meeting new people and designing and making her own clothing. The fast paced life she has always dreamed of is balanced by her amish beliefs and traditions, Kate still holds her foundation close to her heart and lives life with a merge of her nurturing and hardworking upbringing.

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